Sunday, October 2, 2011

Memorial to Qwilleran

This is for my daughter, Carlie

Carlie had to make a difficult decision while at college yesterday. I am grateful for her friend, Kate who was by her side the whole time. Here is Carlie's blog post:

Qwilleran's Last Stand

I was looking forward to a restful Saturday for my roommate and I to hang out, be lazy, and play video games. We did just that until around 4 or so. Then my beloved hedgehog, Qwill started having a seizure. After a minute, it was over and he was back to normal. About 40 minutes later he had another one. That's when we took him to an animal hospital. He had an episode when we were there and the vet said Qwill was having fainting spells and they had to put him on oxygen to wake him back up. The bills for keeping him overnight and running more tests were more than we could spend. On top of the bills for the tests we would later have treatment bills. So I made the decision to have the poor little guy put down. I couldn't bear to let him suffer through another episode where he thrashes and squeals, which by the way, is the worst and saddest sound I've ever heard. He is now buried in a place that has a lot of meaning for me in Allendale. He was about a year and a half years old and my little baby. RIP little guy.


  1. Isabelle is so sad. We are all so sad. What a terrible thing. I'm so sad for you. We are happy that we got to meet him though. That's one of Isabelle's favorite pictures from our trip.

  2. oh Sue, I'm so sorry. He's adorable. It had to be so hard to watch him go through that and then to make the decision. You've had a very rough year. My thoughts are with you all. Love and hugs.

  3. I read Carlie's post and was very sorry to hear about Quill. He was a cutie and I'm glad I got to meet him.

  4. Please tell Carlie that I am very sorry that she lost little Quill - that is just so sad!