Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just Greedy

I stopped at McDonald's. Those $1 Unsweetened Ice Teas in a foam cup are a steal! I love them. I stopped after work and ordered one in the drive through. Now, it was 88 degrees and I was tuckered. When I paid and pulled ahead to get my drink, I saw the lady before me leave with a dripping, yummy ice cream cone. I pulled up and said, "There is no one behind me, can I add on an ice cream cone?" "Sure," was the reply. The cone came before the tea. Ya gotta follow me here. I reached with my left hand and started to enjoy. Then the hand-off of the tea came. Have you tried to grab one of the full large foam cups and a straw with only one hand? This was across my body too. I had to hand back the ice cream cone (I hit the window frame with the ice cream and needed more napkins.) and then put the tea in the holder and then get back my cone. Thank goodness no one was behind me. They offered to put more ice cream in the cone; I declined. You should have seen them laughing inside. Always good for a laugh.


  1. I would have taken the extra ice cream. In fact, I think I'll go have a dish of ice cream now.

  2. this is funny and it has happened to me - only thing is that i was fighting my pup for my ice cream while doing all of the above (but mine was coke, i don't do tea at all even tho i am so southern!)