Monday, July 11, 2011

Root Canal and Straight Line Winds

Two weeks for an way was I missing my root canal. Today is the day. Three payrolls down, lights flashing, wind blowing, computer rebooting...nooooooo. Yes...we lose power. What a storm. They say seventy mile an hour wind. Now for those of you sitting at home, this may mean no tv, air conditioning and cold soda. On Mondays at our stores this means no payroll, melting ice cream, popping biscuits, and NO SALES!!! UGH!!! It also means hustle to turn off compressors, cover, protect, and save everything. Everyone goes home and we wait for the power to come back on. I pray my Endodondist still has power. All the way there, power lines lay over the road and even on some houses. Trees are twisted and really do look like toothpicks. Weird. Some of the roads are closed. I have to be clever to find the back route there. I find it and YEAH! Power! When I finish (I prayed the second round of storms would wait until the doctor finished. What would happen if he was in the middle and power went out?) I check my phone and power has returned at my store in Paw Paw. My crew has everything under control. We didn't lose anything and I can finish the other two stores' payrolls tomorrow. Waiting for the shots to wear off...drool...Anybody else get excited about root canals? So glad it is over.


  1. I lost more branches than in the ice storm last winter. I have been happy to get root canal over on many occasions - ask me about the six months that I spent getting dental implants.

  2. Glad all was ok with the root canal. Is everything done now?