Sunday, July 10, 2011

Morning Doves and Xanax

I love to drink coffee on my deck in the morning on my days off. This morning was no exception. In fact, I was out here at 6:30 am! In to my 2nd cup and now enjoying some peanut butter toast, a whole flock of morning doves decided to join me. One is bad enough, but now I have at least three, maybe seventeen!!! The reason I dislike these birds is that after a while you realize that they have only one tune and they sing it OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Have this happen with numerous doves (remember, I am sure that there are at least seventeen out here) and I am now heading in to find my Xanax!


  1. Yes, but they are all in love!

  2. It's not the singing that would have me worried about a flock of doves on my deck.